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Those who can work from home, should do………….

It’s been 12 weeks now apart from a handful of days in the office – eat, sleep, work from home, repeat.

Thankfully due to Rodford Engineering Ltd.’s product range, we have remained buoyant throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, with the majority of our workforce avoiding the Furlough scheme.

Producing parts for Commercial & Military Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Industry and along with Water Purification to name a few, Rodford have adjusted production where necessary to keep workflow continuity. Unfortunately other businesses have not been so lucky and have fallen by the wayside.

Both my wife and I have fortunately been in full time employment during this difficult period, she being a NHS worker – clerical rather than medical but still important to the Hospital operation. Each Thursday we have clapped for our carers and keyworkers and I always have the unsung heroes also in mind. There have been so many that have carried on regardless.

So many of our population of workers have taken to their laptops and continued to operate normally, going under the radar when it come to the weekly Thursday night thanksgiving.

Personally, other than the usual commute to and from the office, not too much has changed and I’m sure this can be said for the rest of our Rodford Team. Most are operational by 07:00 and continue past the usual ‘pulling up stumps’ time of 16:00.

I’m fortunate enough not have young children screaming in the background or demanding attention, which must be horrendous when trying to remain professional and productive…….I just have a Border Collie that is staring me out and wondering when its walk time.

Obviously home working means finding some quiet area to operate as the office – for me it’s a conservatory, pretty chilly first thing and by mid-afternoon like a furnace. As I work from home, I have had the usual comments…..oh you’re nice and brown (that’s because you’ve not seen me for a while), ……. oh your looking healthy (that’s because I’m hardly moving and getting fat) or, you must be so relaxed working from home!

Hmmm, relaxed…… whilst doing the usual 7 – 4 job, there is also the need to empty the dish washer or stick a wash on or answer the front door, or, or, or…… this is why there is no real end to the day like leaving work – you just continue on and then before you know it, you’ve missed The Chase.

Four weeks ago we had a power cut for a few hours in the evening so went off to bed in the dark.

The following morning, all was working again and somehow the digital clock my wife and I use as an alarm (normally set half hour fast – it’s a female thing I believe), was reading almost the correct time (plus the half hour!) so was left as is.

I’m now getting up earlier than when I was driving into work as the clock is about 10 minutes fast (plus the usual 30)!

All this being said, the Rodford Engineering Team, wherever they are working, are here for existing and new customers, fully operational and fully functional…….and are already 30 minutes ahead.

Paul Beer