Terms and Conditions for Supply

Acceptance of Contract/Terms & Conditions

Supplier’s acknowledgement, acceptance of payment or commencement of performance shall constitute Suppliers unqualified acceptance of Rodfords Terms and Conditions. Failure to meet Terms and Condition of Purchase Order may result in delayed payment of invoice, cancellation of order, return of parts at Suppliers expense or reduction in future orders. Supplier is required to flow down to sub-tier Suppliers all applicable requirements of this Purchase order, including key characteristics where required.

Right of Access

Acceptance of this Purchase Order by the Supplier grants representatives from Rodford, Rodfords customers (only if need or authorized by Rodford), and regulatory agencies the right of entry to Suppliers premises and right of access to Suppliers records for the purpose of verifying that purchased materials or processes conform to specified requirements.

Compliance With Laws & Regulations

Supplier warrants that he has been duly authorized to do business in the jurisdiction in which the work is to be performed; that he has obtained at no cost to Rodford or Rodfords customer(s) all necessary and required licenses and permits required in connection with this Purchase order, and that he will comply fully with all pertinent laws, decrees, regulations and labour standards of such country or countries during the performance of this purchase order.

Quality System

The Supplier must maintain a documented Quality System (manual). This documented Quality System must include provisions for the Supplier to manage the competence, awareness and training of all personnel. Rodford reserves the right to request evidence of a documented quality system of the supplier and applicable sub-tier Suppliers.

Shelf Life

In cases of material with expiration dates, at least 85% of shelf life is required upon delivery unless otherwise agreed upon or specified.

Non-Conformance of Product

If at any time Supplier becomes aware that shipped materials/parts are nonconforming product, Supplier must immediately notify buyer to negotiate arrangements for disposition.

Change in Product and/or Process

Any change in the product and/or process definition and/or site of manufacture must be made known in advance of shipment to Rodford for authorization/approval. (Also includes changes in ownership or change in Quality Control Procedure.)

Over Shipments

No over shipments will be accepted without prior written authorization from Rodford (formal change to the Purchase order). The quantity set forth in the Purchase Order is the contract quantity. Without authorization, the overage portion of your shipment may be returned to you freight collect which will require to you re-deliver/ re-invoice consistent with the quantity or pricing specified in the Purchase Order.

Partial Shipments

Partial shipments may be authorized if Rodford is contacted by the Supplier prior to shipment and subject to Rodfords agreement that a partial order will be allowed. Partial shipments are only authorized in cases where a verified Purchase Order fulfillment date is given to Rodford by the Supplier. If the partial shipment is not fulfilled by the verified Purchase Order fulfillment date, then Rodford reserves the right to return the already delivered product at the Suppliers’ expense for a full refund. Partial shipments are never allowed in cases where the Purchase Order states that “Partial shipments will not be accepted”.

Supplier Requirement to Notify Buyer

Supplier shall immediately notify Rodford in writing whenever a verbal or written change request has been received from a representative of Rodford other than the Authorized Purchasing agent. This includes any change request that affects any aspect of the current Purchase Order including – but not limited to – existing terms and conditions, costs, items ordered, specifications on the items/processes ordered or the schedule of delivery. Only Authorized Purchasing Agent has the authority to make a change to the Purchase Order via a formal order amendment.

Identification & Traceability

Rodford requires that all purchased products including purchased part, processed parts and raw material are clearly identified by part number, trade name or chemical name, specification and batch number and that lot numbers and/or batch numbers are clearly designated on the delivery paperwork. Date of manufacture and shelf/expiration date must also be clearly labeled on all products that have a shelf life as well as on corresponding paperwork.

Delivery Paperwork

Delivery paperwork at a minimum must include a packing slip and any other paperwork designated on the Purchase Order. All raw materials must be accompanied by a written Certificate of Analysis and all applicable test/mill certification. Traceability of all delivery lines must be clearly identifiable and relate to the physical material or parts supplied.

Records Retention

All records, including certification as required under the terms of this Purchase Order and which document the quality of the items provided, shall be stored, protected and controlled to ensure that they remain identifiable, legible and useful and to be retained for a minimum of 10 years after the final shipment unless otherwise specified in the purchase order or contract. Disposition of the documentation must be with a written agreement from Rodford.

Flow Down Requirements

Suppliers shall flow down to their sub-tier suppliers any applicable Rodford requirements as defined in the purchasing documents (PO, terms and condition, etc.)